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Saturday, 15 October 2016 by Obiora Embry

Greenville, KY

In the North I broadcasted Wild Senna, Virginia Wild Rye, Fall Panicum, Showy Tickseed, and Pennsylvania Smartweed. In addition I broadcasted Daikon Radish, Austrian Winter Peas, Hard Red Winter Wheat, PVFS Soil Builder Mix, and Cold Hardy Rye Cereal. I diluted 1 gallon of Liquid O.N.E. fertilizer in 2.75 gallons of water and added Epsom Salt, Blackstrap Molasses, wood charcoal, and Glacial Rock Dust. I let the mixture sit for a spell before I emptied it out in the North.

I added the remaining Glacial Rock Dust in barren areas and also in various parts of the North. In the barren areas in the West I broadcasted Wild Blue Lupine, Mix 203 — Native Power Line Woody Suppression Mix (all of it), and Partridge Pea.

To the East I broadcasted Mix 139 — Southern Quail Habitat Mix and Mix 140 — Southern Quail Habitat Economy Mix. In addition I broadcasted the following: Violet Lespedeza, Slender Lespedza, False Sunflower, Tall Dropseed, New Jersey Tea, Wood Oats, Sawtooth Sunflower, Perplexed Tick Trefoil, and Bursting‐Heart.

In the southern forest I made more light and dragged a couple of the smaller trees out to decompose elsewhere. I also put out wood charcoal.