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Saturday, 13 August 2016 by Obiora Embry

Greenville, KY

I spent most of my time in the northern part. In a bare spot in the northwest corridor I broadcasted Parisienne Carrot. In the same area I broadcasted Detroit Dark Red Beets. Around the hügelkultur I broadcasted Genovese, Lemon, and Cinnamon Basil; and Summer Savory. In the large barren area I broadcasted Hard Red Winter Wheat. In the same barren area and others to the East and West I broadcasted Ordinary (with Hull) Barley. In barren areas and elsewhere I broadcasted Gray and Early Goldenrod. Near the forest edge and into the forest I broadcasted Boneset, Spotted Bee Balm, and Bergamot. In the forest I broadcasted Black Turtle Dry Bush Bean and Kentucky Wonder Snap Pole Bean. Around the northern edge of the brush pile I broadcasted Yarrow. In the northwest corridor I broadcasted African Marigold.

In the burlap sacks I transplanted various wildflowers. In the one on the left I sowed Italian White Sunflower. I sowed Brown Flax in the other other.