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Saturday, 21 August 2021 by Obiora Embry

Greenville, KY

Walked up to our two acres in the early morning and surprised some quail! It was the first time I have seen them on it, and I hope they decide to return again and again.

Harvested Goldenrod (several varieties in the northern area—the quail were foraging in the south) and Smooth Sumac. Froze them both. Will harvest more of both later. The plants with the gray looking flowers have leaves that taste like Goldenrod. I do believe that they are Gray Goldenrod.

The ginger and turmeric have new growth. I think the recent precipitation has helped! It definitely looks like the farm has had a good amount of rain as the ground does not look dry anymore and the bare soil is saturated.

There is also new growth on a lot of vegetation. The fruiting plants look slightly bigger with the cooler temperatures and recent precipitation.

Put out Kelp Meal Powder on ginger, turmeric, Dark Star Zucchini, figs, and Purple Cape Cauliflower beds.

Broadcasted saved 2020 and 2021 Black Mustard Green seeds in various areas of the north.

Found an Eastern Redcedar full of ripe berries in the north!