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Saturday, 17 July 2021 by Obiora Embry

Greenville, KY

Harvested wild blackberries. One of the older Persimmons in the southern region has fruit on it! I saw what appeared to be a tall Sunflower near the southern brush pile. I finally see the return of Common–Selfheal!

Harvested Winged Sumac. The Dark Star Zucchinis in the northern brush pile look the best! Added peanut shells to the tomatoes and decaying peanuts and food scraps on the compost. Froze the Winged Sumac and wild blackberries.

Cut off the deadwood from Kevin’s Apple tree. Collected some mushrooms decaying on a bale of hay (that started to dry out). Picked up two logs that had started to decay.

Added the mushrooms to the tomato mound and original planting of the Dark Star Zucchinis. Put the decaying logs out in a couple of different places near the large barren area.

While holding the deadwood I said a brief memorial for Kevin and tore up and dispersed pieces throughout the northern area.

Collected a few different varieties of Mountain Mint to dry.