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Wild Flora Jelly


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8 ounce Mason jar

Wild Flora Jelly is a jelly made from foraged flora.

Martin Acres
Martin Acres
Kentucky Proud
Kentucky Proud

gluten‐free, vegan, vegetarian


Wild Flora Jelly (formerly known as Mixed Native Jelly) is hand-crafted in a small batch using wildcrafted native flora. Its ingredients include the following: Tea (Spring Water, Goldenrod [flowers, leaves, and stems], Winged Sumac berries and stems, Elderberry berries and stems, Smooth Sumac berries and stems, Grape [fruit], White Yarrow leaves), homemade Apple Pectin (Spring Water, organic Granny Smith apples, Crabapples), organic Raw Cane Sugar, freshly squeezed organic Lemon juice, and love.


Production Date: 2019-09-21

Manufacturer: EConsulting™

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