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Smooth Sumac Jelly

Rhus glabra


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8 ounce Mason jar

Smooth Sumac Jelly is made from Smooth Sumac, a native shrub that produces clusters of fruit.

Martin Acres
Martin Acres

gluten‐free, vegan, vegetarian


Smooth Sumac Jelly is hand‐crafted in a small batch using wildcrafted Smooth Sumac. The pectin used for the jelly is handmade in a small batch. Smooth Sumac is a good source of Vitamin C. And the ingredients are Smooth Sumac Tea (Spring Water and Smooth Sumac berries and stems), homemade Apple Pectin (Spring Water and organic Granny Smith apples), organic Raw Cane Sugar, freshly squeezed organic Lemon juice, and love.


Production Date: 2023-09-14

Manufacturer: EConsulting™

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